MyScripWallet: Our Mobile Scrip Experience

MyScripWallet: Our Mobile Scrip Experience

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In a day and age where it seems like everything is digital, convenience and efficiency have become a top priority for many. Families who are placing orders on are witnessing how easy online ordering can be! Not only can they place their orders whenever they want or need to, they can also take advantage of our other scrip products, like ScripNow®, Reload, and ReloadNow®.

While paper order forms are more in the comfort zone of some families, having your families order through ShopWithScrip® allows them to personalize the scrip experience (and it lessens the work for you!). Click here to learn how to enable PrestoPay™, our online payment system, for your program. With PrestoPay, families can order ScripNow electronic gift cards or reload previously purchased gift cards and receive their scrip in minutes. Families who order online and use ScripNow, Reload, and PrestoPay earn 45% more than those who only use paper order forms.

Plus, families can access both ScripNow and reloads on ShopWithScrip’s mobile website, With MyScripWallet™, families can order ScripNow or reload a card, use PrestoPay when they checkout, and access their scrip right then and there on their smartphone. This means that families can shop for scrip whenever and wherever they need to, no planning ahead necessary!

As you can see, ShopWithScrip has really redefined the scrip fundraising world and has made it a much more personal experience for your families. Hopefully, the more families use, the more they will spread the word and help your program grow. Having more families is always a bonus!

If you have any questions about ShopWithScrip or MyScripWallet, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our helpful customer support team is always available and eager to answer any questions you might have about online family ordering, just give them a call at 1.800.727.4715 option 3, or email us at

Put fundraising at your fingertips™! MyScripWallet™ is ShopWithScrip’s mobile website, offering the widest selection of electronically delivered products and the highest rebates available anywhere. You can order electronic gift cards, reload physical cards, and in many cases redeem them right from your phone!  And it’s fully integrated with, so you only need one login and you can use your PrestoPay account in both places. MyScripWallet lets you shop on-the-go, earning rebates on every purchase.

You can login to MyScripWallet using your same ShopWithScrip® username and password. Once online, you can browse the full selection of direct delivery products available on with the same great rebates, then place an order and pay with PrestoPay right  on your phone!

MyScripWallet is supported on Apple and Android mobile devices – just type into the browser, login, and you’ll be ready to shop!

MyScripWallet also gives you access to any ScripNow® eCard you’ve purchased, even when you’re on the go. ShopWithScrip and MyScripWallet are fully synchronized, so you’ll be able to view eCards you’ve purchased on either site, whether you ordered them on your desktop or through MyScripWallet. Even better, many stores will allow you to redeem eCards, and reloaded plastic cards, right off the screen of your mobile device. If the printed eCard or physical reload card is required, you’ll see that noted right on the product page.

Watch this video to learn more about MyScripWallet:

If you still have questions, please contact Samantha Guerro at or 609-226-7645.

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!

The ARCS SCRIPT code is #27L4LAE37569

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